Fairtrade School


We are proud to have achieved the 'FairActive' award from the Fairtrade Foundation. For this award the students and staff have worked hard on a number of Fairtrade initiatives involving not only our school but the local community too, including:

  • student-led assemblies on raising awareness of Fairtrade and what it actually means
  • our canteen now using Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar and bananas
  • Geography lessons on Fairtrade and how our actions impact the lives of others living in different parts of the world
  • holding regular Fairtrade sales where all the products on sale are ethically sourced
  • collaborative work with Henry Tyndale school such as making displays and doing Fairtrade cooking
  • a letter-writing campaign where students wrote to all the local supermarkets resulting in real engagement with the local community on this vital global issue, and even an invitation to meet the manager of Waitrose for an hour's discussion about Fairtrade

Our Fairtrade work has formed an important part of our journey as an Expert Centre for the Global Learning Programme.

Fernhill Whole School Recycling

 We are striving to become a more environmentally friendly school through our 'Whole School Recycling' scheme. Every tutor group has made a recycling box which they are responsible for emptying every week into the recycling skip in the school car park. Students carry the paper in pairs on a rota system. In addition to paper recycling we are also starting to recycle plastic bottles which means that as a school we are drastically reducing the amount of rubbish that will end up in landfill sites. We are very proud of the mature way in which Fernhill students have taken responsibility for the recycling, showing that they really care about the impact we all have on the environment.

Collaborative work with Henry Tyndale School

 We are delighted to have formed a partnership with Henry Tyndale School as part of the Global Learning Programme. A group of Fernhill students and a group of Henry Tydale students meet regularly to enjoy a range of activities such as a collaborative recycling project, singing, making recycled musical instruments, making and flying kites, and a trip to Alice Holt Forest. We are looking forward to continuing our work together next term by exploring the issue of plastic pollution and what we can do about it.