Learning Platforms


Remote Learning and live lessons

At Fernhill School we believe that work at home helps to consolidate the learning that is undertaken at school but also builds on that learning. The following websites are used to support your learning whilst at Fernhill.  

Remote Learning Policy    Child Protection Addendum Covid      Learning Letter to parents    Providing remote education information for parents

Remote Learning Tier Reports

These will be emailed home to you weekly from creynolds@fernhillschool.org.uk  Please check your junk folder or promotions folder if you have not received your report.  Do let us know if you need a copy.

Email link to Gmail

STUDENTS (username = first initial + surname + intake year.  For example a student in Year 7 called Mark Jones the email would be as follows:  MJones19@fernhillschool.org.uk)

STAFF (username = first initial + surname  @fernhillschool.org.uk    Password is your network password)

Google Classroom link 


Google Classroom Live lesson student guide

Google Classroom student guide for computer

Google Classroom student guide for mobile phone

Google Meet student guide


Seneca learning - Science

Kerboodle - languages

Careers links and adviser's email (Will Crowhurst)


Library - online resources

E Books

https://fernhill-hantssls.wheelers.co/  A wide range of audio and e books.

Username - student's email egIread20@fernhillschool.org.uk

Password Year 7:  ebooks

Password Years 8 - 11:  1234BKS              


www.theday.co.uk   News and activity/lesson resources included.

Username: fernhill

Password: theday



This is the online catalogue of all books students and staff can find in the Fernhill School Library.  Students may logon to check their account by using:

Username: school network username. e.g. lbloggs18

Password:  date of birth in an 8 digit format e.g. 19042007


E-Safety for students

If you are worried you can speak to any member of the school staff who will find the best person to help you.  Fernhill's Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr Heard, the other trained DSLs are Mrs Bennett, Mrs Cameron and Miss O'Sullivan.  Below are some information websites on
E-Safety.  If you have E-Safety concerns please do speak to a member of staff at school.  The CEOP website link below can be used to report incidents.  Whilst we are remote learning please do email any member of school staff if you are worried about e-safety. 

 E-Safety advice websites: