Curriculum & Assessment

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Strong literacy is the key to success in all subjects, and indeed, all areas of life. We believe that being able to read critically, write effectively, and speak confidently about a wide range of topics are the most important skills that students should acquire – and we take that responsibility as English teachers very seriously.

Reading, writing and oracy (being able to express yourself clearly) are taught and practised as part of each module. Our five year curriculum map is designed so that in key stage 3, students experience a broad range of texts, concepts and viewpoints, while developing the skills needed for GCSE.

All English lessons in key stage 3 begin with silent reading to encourage students to read for pleasure. During our fortnightly library lesson, students are able to peruse our vibrant school library shelves supported by the wonderful Mrs Murdoch to find a book that they will find both enjoyable and stretching.

In key stage 3, we also teach drama as it features in the English National curriculum. Students study play script, participate in acting and dramatic reading, and learn about devices such as staging as part of their English lessons.


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In English, we have two GCSEs that all students are entered for: GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. Though students read two of their Literature texts in year 9, it is not until year 10 that we really begin to focus on the assessment objectives and requirements of the exam – enjoying and understanding the text must come first!

 By the end of year 10, students have covered all of their Literature content (five sections) and have practised the skills needed to be successful in Language. This means that year 11 is for honing the knowledge and skills, perfecting exam techniques and practising specific routines related to the four papers they will sit in the summer.