Support Zone

 There are times when every single one of us comes across something we just can’t work out or feel that we are never quite getting the marks we hope for.  Don’t bury your head in the sand, please have a chat with your Music teacher who will find time to go through things with you again and that really is for all year groups.  If you just want to see some model work please ask as each year we are building up examples to show the excellent results of past students.

In addition, we have found and made lots of resources that will give you some support which will hopefully build your confidence, allow you to work more independently and enable you to achieve your full potential. 

We have pulled together terms that you will come across in Music at Key Stage 3 and designed a Glossary to help you develop your musical language.  We have uploaded posters of the Elements of Music and posters on Treble Clef Notation, Bass Clef Notation and Instruments of the Orchestra.  We have also created some Sentence Starters to help you when you peer and self-assess performances at Key Stage 3 and a Listening Support Sheet to help you develop your descriptions of the music you listen to inside and outside the classroom.

Whatever it is you are struggling with, you will probably find the answer here!  If there are other things that you think will be useful please speak to Mrs Crowe.