Homework & Home Learning


We have found that students in Key Stage 3 can be incredibly creative when they are presented with new and exciting forms of homework.  We will be looking to develop this further with online quizzes and music technology as this is an ever-expanding part of the music industry.  The homework we set always relates to what they have been doing in class and it may be that we ask them to continue practicing what they have been learning in lessons – this may be in the form of watching tutorial videos or playing on a keyboard app.  If students would like different music to practice or materials to help them with their homework please do let us know.

At home, GCSE students should revise carefully for the listening exam and should always be looking for opportunities to develop their listening skills.  Even if they do not have a formal piece of homework they are encouraged to expand their listening skills and we recommend using YouTube; links to specific pieces can be provided.  Students should also be practising for their performances, both solo and ensemble pieces.  Time should also be spent developing composition ideas which will help when it comes to the Controlled Assessment.

As always, the Music department would like to thank parents for their continued support.  If you have any questions regarding homework or any other Music matter please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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