Art, Photography and Textiles


Head of Department

Miss R O'Sullivan

Subject Teacher

Miss S Lound

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Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Curriculum Overview

Throughout Key Stage 3 students build on their skills and subject knowledge. The programme has been designed to become increasingly more challenging with regard to subject matter, ideas, materials and scale as they move through the years. Each year students get the opportunity to gain experience with drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and printmaking, taking inspiration from a variety of starting points and themes including artists, art movements, cultures, visual stimulus and the urban environment.



GCSE Photography

GCSE Textiles


In Years 7, 8 and 9 students are constantly assessed throughout lessons and given verbal feedback, they are encouraged to peer- and self-assess, setting achievable targets based on relevant success criteria. Regular marking of their work folders also occurs where students are set individual targets to move their work on and then the following lessons are subsequently altered to meet the requirements of the learners within each scheme of work.

Formal assessments are carried out at the end of each unit using age related assessment criteria in line with the whole school marking policy and in line with the National Curriculum for Art & Design at KS3. The assessment model looks at unit specific skills and how students develop over time; the skills assessed include media exploration and handling, knowledge and understanding and how ideas are communicated in a variety of ways and the quality of responses. Students are then also set targets that can be taken into future units of work.

Key Stage 4 Assessment

Assessment at GCSE is on an individual basis. Although all students are set the same starting points for controlled assessment the direction they go in is a personal choice. All students should be aware of their predicted grade and how to move their work on, subsequently students have regular tutorials with their teachers where targets are set and agreed, their progress is discussed and books are also marked regularly where target getting is monitored and further targets and commentary is made where appropriate.

Formal Assessment occurs after the mock exam in Year 11 to support their approach with the final exam.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Art Department gives all students the opportunity to utilise the department’s facilities during break, lunchtime and after school. Key Stage 4 students regularly attend coursework sessions where they receive individual target setting and assistance that allows them to further develop their skills. In the summer term the department exhibits the outstanding work that Year 11 students produce during their GCSE course by putting on an Art Exhibition for the wider community to enjoy.

Once a year, the Art department also supports Drama and Music for the annual school production by designing and producing the set.

Supporting Students at Home

Parents can support at home by helping with homework tasks in all years and by encouraging students to undertake creative activities and involvement in the extra-curricular opportunities offered. It may also be helpful if students have access to artistic equipment at home, for example:

HB and 2B Pencil


Colouring Pencils

Cartridge paper/Sketch book

Water Colour or Poster Paints – Acrylic at GCSE

Useful Websites

wikipedia– for an initial search tool, not definitive responses.

Saatchi Gallery

Tate Gallery

White Cube galleries