Head of Department

Mr S Ballard

Subject Teachers

Miss R Speed 

Mr A Poole 

Mr T Hibbs


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Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 3 syllabus

The Key Stage 3 Syllabus is divided into 6 topics per year from Year 7, through to Year 9. These themes focus on building a foundation of the knowledge, understanding and skills required to undertake GCSE. 


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2








Year 7

Our local area

Passport to the World







Map Skills








Year 8




Climatic hazards

Climatic hazards










Year 9



Development and Fair Trade

Resource Management (Water)

Resource Management (Energy and Food)

Natural Hazards

This is based on the official Geography Programme of Study for KS3 provided by the Department for Education.

If you wish to obtain any additional information about the Key Stage 3 Geography curriculum at Fernhill School, please contact Mr Ballard. 

Throughout the year students will undertake short fieldwork tasks based in and around the schools site. This is to meet the needs and demands of the new national curriculum and GCSE syllabus.

Key Stage 4/ GCSE
AQA Geography (8035) Syllabus is based upon 3 units: 
  1. Living with the physical environment 
  2. Challenges in the human environment 
  3. Geographical applications 

There are 3 exams at the end of year 11. 

  • Paper 1 (35%) based on unit 1. 
  • Paper 2 (35%) based on unit 2. 
  • Paper 3 (30%) skills based on all content covered. 
Parental support
  • Encourage students to keep up to date with current affairs – TV news, newspapers and internet sources (see links below). 
  • Discuss local, national and global issues with them. 
  • Watch TV programmes on places, environment and travel. 
  • Go out and explore - plan routes, discover new places on holiday. 
  • Encourage and support them with their independent homework tasks. 
  • Purchase a CGP revision guide (£3.00) via the Geography department. 

Alternatively, you can contact Mr Ballard if you would prefer to discuss the GCSE course in detail. 

Useful website links for Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

Don't revise long… revise smart! Most people find it easier to revise in short 'chunks' of about 30 minutes. Revision websites with interactive tests, games and pod casts allow you to do this in a fun way. They are not a substitute for a good set of class notes though!



Get Revising

A useful site for making your own resources or looking up revision cards andpowerpoints others have used. 

BBC GCSE Bitesize

A comprehensive resource containing interactive tests, games and videos not only excellent for geography but other subjects too. Highly recommended! 

Standard Grade Geography

This site, based in Shetland, contains online tests and past questions. it is designed around the Scottish exam system with its Highers, but much of the material is relevant to UK GCSE syllabuses. 


This revision website features some nice animations and key notes to print off.

Ordnance Survey

The website of Britain's national mapping agency. Check out the 'Education &MapZone'.