Head of Department

Mrs N Jones


Subject Teachers

Mr W Crutchley

Mrs Y Goodwin

Ms T Hoskins

Mr M Shrestha

Curriculum Maps - please click links below:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10 - Working Towards Grade 4

Year 10 - Crossover

Year 10 - Higher

Year 11 - Working Towards Grade 4

Year 11 - Crossover

Year 11 - Higher


Curriculum Overview



Students are continually assessed by their teachers through their classwork, contributions in lessons and their homework.


Key Stage 3

We give internal assessments at regular intervals during the year, year 7 and 8 complete 20 mark tests at the end of each topic. Year 9 complete mini tests containing 20-30 marks at the end of each topic. Tests covering a range of topics are completed at mid-way through the year as well as at the end of Years 7, 8 and 9.


Key Stage 4

We take the Edexcel Linear GCSE.  As of 2016, this comprises of three papers; one non-calculator and two with a calculator. Each paper is worth 80 marks. GCSE grades are awarded based on the total number of marks achieved across the 3 papers. Students take an internal exam at the end of Year 10 and a mock GCSE at the end of the Autumn Term in Year 11. We also set a second mock during the Spring Term of year 11 to ensure students are on the correct tier of entry. The higher tier is designed for students who wish to continue to student maths beyond GCSE. This includes Maths required for Science A-levels. You must be in set 1 to be on the higher tier. The foundation tier is designed more for “everyday maths” and the maths required for life.


Supporting Students at Home

 As times tables form the basis of so many topics at GCSE it is important that they have fluent recall of the tables up to 12 x 12. To support the learning of these facts students are encouraged to use times table rock stars. Auto training is enabled on this which means your child will practice at the correct place for their current level. As they improve the levels will increase as will the level of challenge. They can complete this on the website or can download the app.

All students are provided with a login to Hegarty Maths. This website provides lessons and practice questions which students can use from any internet-connected device. Homework is set via this website. Each skill has an associated video that needs to be watched before completed the set of questions. This ensures that they have the best chance of success with the quiz and practice the skill correctly as practice makes it permanent. The MemRi function on the website allows them to revisit previously tested skills to prevent them forgetting the work. There are student and parent help guides as well as downloads of videos lists for supporting Key Stage 3 students and revision sheets for GCSE.


Extra help

 Revision lessons after school are organised in Year 11 and all students have the opportunity to work with their teachers after school to get advice on homework.


Useful websites:

Hegarty Maths Log in using name and date of birth. Click link on the website to reset the password.

Corbett Maths - 5 questions per day to help improve Maths skills.

Times Tables Rockstars (Login and password provided please see your teacher)


Onmaths – online past papers for year 11 revision

Maths Genie – Topic based exam questions and complete exam papers for Year 11 revision