Family Support Manager

Rachel Bennett, Family Support Worker is part of the pastoral team at Fernhill.  She is also a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.  She can be contacted by telephone at school or at

 Things can get tough for students, parents and families at times. You may be experiencing issues with:

  • Parental/family concerns
  • Poor attendance
  • Lateness to school
  • Behaviour Management
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Social misunderstandings
  • Uniform Issues

We understand and are here for you to offer:

  • Support
  • Guidance and advice
  • A listening ear

Workshops available for students with Rachel Bennett are:

‘Emotional Wellbeing’ - Building emotional resilience

‘Chilled’ - CAMHS trained course for students who have high anxiety

‘Talk about Friends’ - Building secure social skills

Parenting workshops with Rachel Bennett:

‘Parenting the Anxious Child’

‘Triple P Teen’ to support parents and to provide strategies to work with their children.

 The service we provide is confidential and we can support you with any concerns you may have about your child. Whether it be a uniform problem, school transport issue, behaviour, attendance, bullying or any other worries that may arise, we are here to support families.

Home visits can be arranged or we will be happy to meet with you in school.

Guidance Managers

Each Year group has a Guidance Manager (GM).  The GM for Year 7 is Mrs Morgan, Year 8 Mrs Loch, Year 9 Mr McGowan, Year 10 Miss Thorne and Year 11 Mrs Jerrom.  The GMs are also first aiders.


If you are worried you can speak to any member of the school staff who will find the best person to help you.  Fernhill's Designated Safeguarding Lead is Miss Palmer, the deputy DSL is Mrs Bennett, Mr Heard, Mrs Jerrom and Mr McGowan are also trained DSLs.

Mental Health and Emotional Troubles

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes students are welcome to go to the 'Serenity Space' in the library.  There are staff to talk to and there is a display with self-help information.  The websites below have general information to help students and parents.  Please do talk to any member of staff, the Student Support Workers or Mrs Bennett.


If you are concerned about E-Safety please talk to any member of the school staff who will find the best person to help you.  You can report general concerns about online safety via the CEOP website link below, these websites also give general information on E-Safety.  

E-Safety advice websites: