Extension Zone

There are so many fantastic theory websites out there for students who are looking to further develop their knowledge and understanding; this is particularly useful for Key Stage 4 but can be used by students in any year group.



www.quizziz.com has lots of gamified quizzes for Music which quickly tests you on theory

 There is also the opportunity to work through the ABRSM theory grades, even if it is just the work and you do not wish to take the final exam.  If this is of interest to you please speak to Mrs Crowe or Mr Lankshear.  https://www.mymusictheory.com/ is a great website for helping students prepare for music theory exams online and is also a great extension resource for our GCSE Music candidates and anybody wanting to go further in learning to read music and compose.

Click on the Composition Checklist for our Key Stage 4 Music students.  Many of our students choose to write songs but want to know what they need to do to elevate them to the top marks.  This checklist will take you through the ‘ingredients’ of what makes a successful GCSE song.

 BBC Bitesize is another excellent resource for song-writing, lyric writing and developing melodies – all very important for our GCSE students.

 You can also listen to some past GCSE compositions to hear what students have done to get top marks and see scores of some of their stylish pieces.  There are QR Codes in B Block that will take you to the Fernhill School Soundcloud and from here you can listen to some of our past student’s amazing compositions – just use your phone to click on the
QR Code.

Progression to further study and work

GCSE Music is a good preparation for further musical study and a solid foundation for the A levels in Music and Music Technology as well as BTEC National Diplomas (in Music, Popular Music and Music Technology) and the Performing Arts A level.  Students may wish to take GCSE Music for its own sake, perhaps to form the basis of a future interest.  Alternatively, when they go into employment it may be useful to use some of the skills developed during the course such as self-confidence, concentration, creativity, evaluation and teamwork.  Learning to sing/play an instrument, rehearsing and performing in groups and writing your own music certainly requires a lot of hard work and dedication all of which are attributes that are desirable for any job.