Fernhill uniform with school badge (in bold below) can only be purchased from Brenda’s.  Parents can opt to use Klarna payments at Brenda’s which offers the choice to defer payment, please see details on their website.   Items not in bold (white shirts, trousers, skirts, shoes etc) can be purchased at a retailer of your choice but must comply.  We recommend that all uniform items are labelled with your child’s name.  All matters relating to uniform and dress code the Headteacher’s decision will be final.

Brenda's uniform shop website

Brenda's Parent Induction Presentation

Preloved uniform

Fernhill has launched a preloved uniform shop. Items are purchased directly by parents on the Uniformd website and parents will be contacted by the school to collect their item. These items are donated by parents and washed and inspected by the school. Our stock levels will grow over time.

Fernhill preloved uniform shop - Uniformd

Assistance with uniform

If you require financial assistance with uniform, please contact ksouthwood@fernhillschool.org.uk 

Fernhill Uniform

  • Fernhill jumper grey with blue trim
  • Fernhill tie
  • Long or short sleeved white shirt, must be tucked in and fastened up to the collar (no polo shirts)
  • Black trousers (plain, not skin tight, no leggings, no stretch or denim material)
  • Black pleated knee-length skirt (all round pleated) for new starters, Year 7 and all year groups from September 2024
  • Historic uniform - Black skirt, plain (not short, tight, stretchy or tube).
  • Black socks, plain or black/neutral tights
  • Polishable black school shoes without logos.  Black trainers such as Nike Air Force One and Converse/Vans-style plimsolls are not permitted 

PE Kit    PE guidance for layers in coldest months  

  • Sports polo shirt with Fernhill Physical Education badge
  • Shorts plain black with Fernhill School Physical Education badge (skorts also available)
  • Sports socks with Fernhill lettering
  • Football boots (KS3)
  • Shin pads (KS3)
  • Sports trainers

 Optional PE Kit

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or long plain black sports leggings (not thin material, not cycling shorts)
  • Reversible sports top, long sleeved
  • GCSE Sports top, blue with Fernhill Physical Education badge

Students must ensure they bring their kit to school on the correct day.  If students are excused from PE they must provide a note of excusal and are still required to get changed into their PE kit so they can take an active part in the lesson through a coaching or officiating role.

Outdoor Wear

  • Students should wear an outdoor coat suitable for inclement weather
  • Hoodies, denim jackets or casual sports jackets are not permitted
  • Items with big motifs are not permitted


  • Jewellery should not be worn in school. An inexpensive watch, one necklace and one small stud in each lobe are accepted
  • Earrings, nose rings/studs, tongue studs, eye-brow studs or any visible body piercings are not permitted
  • No responsibility is accepted for jewellery which is lost or stolen and all jewellery is forbidden to be worn during PE. The taping of earrings or other piercings is not permissible
  • Clear nail varnish only is acceptable. No false/acrylic/gel nails are permitted
  • No false eyelashes of any description are permitted
  • Make-up must be discreet
  • Tattoos are not permitted in accordance with the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969
  • Belts must be black with a plain buckle


  • Hair has to be tied off the shoulders when required for safety reasons. No hairstyles reflecting passing trends, e.g. shaving all or part of the head, lurid or unnatural or extreme colouring etc
  • No tramlines
  • Hair accessories must be black
  • Hijabs must be black or navy

 Mobile Phones/Headphones

  • Electronic devices, including mobile phones and headphones, etc., must not be used between
    8.35 am and 2.50 pm, unless directed to do so by a teacher – items will be confiscated if seen
  • If items are brought into school, the school will not take the responsibility for their safety or security

Equipment List for students:

Rucksack/school bag and a pencil case containing:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Highlighter pen
  • Glue stick
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Calculator – scientific calculators are available to purchase from the school