Our Ethos and Values


We aim to develop confident and articulate young adults with the social, emotional and academic skills needed to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.  Fernhill is a happy and friendly school where students thrive. Our rich academic curriculum, strong and supportive pastoral care and wide range of extended activities are designed to educate, encourage and empower our students.

We aspire to provide each student with the best educational opportunities that transform potential into academic and social achievement.  Our ethos is simply;

 ‘Be the best you can be’


The key principles that underpin our ethos are the values of Confidence, Independence, Respect, Aspiration, Honesty, Community, Equality and Resilience.   

  • Confidence - to think positively and to try things, even when learning is hard
  • Independence - to develop organisation, time management and thinking skills so that  we can be self-sufficient, overcoming challenges ourselves 
  • Respect - all members speak politely to each other and value everyone
  • Aspiration - to be the very best you can be, rewarding effort and hard work 
  • Honesty - to be trustworthy and know right from wrong 
  • Community - a sense of belonging 
  • Equality - ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of  their lives and talents 
  • Resilience - not giving up, sticking with something to overcome hurdles 

This can be summed up in three words, ready, respectful and responsible.  These three words form the basis of our behaviour policy.