School Meals


Hampshire County Council's Catering Service (HC3S) runs the Fernhill School canteen.

HC3S provide catering services for schools, venues, workplaces and attractions - serving 75,000 meals across 500 sites each day.    

Free school meals

Check your eligibility and apply below: 

The Free Meals allowance of £2.60 is added to the student’s account every day and cleared each evening if not used.

The main hot meal of the day will be sold at £2.60 to FSM students (instead of £3.00).

A 'meal deal' is also available for £2.60 which includes a code B sandwich or lunch bowl, fruit or biscuit/muffin and a small water/apple juice. 


Paying for meals

Parents use a web based payments portal called Tucasi/Sco Pay to pay for meals and visits.  There is an option for meals allowing your child’s account to be automatically topped up from your bank account.  Link below: