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The week one menu  is served on weeks commencing 4 September, 23 September, 14 October, 11 November, 2 December, 6 January,                          27 January, 24 February, 16 March, 20 April, 11 May, 8 June, 29 June and 20 July

The week two menu is served on weeks commencing 9 September, 30 September, 21 October, 18 November, 9 December, 13 January, 3 February, 2 March, 23 March, 27 April, 18 May, 15 June and 6 July

The week three menu is served on weeks commencing 16 September, 7 October, 4 November, 25 November, 16 December, 20 January, 10 February, 9 March, 30 March, 4 May, 1 June and 22 June and 13 July.

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Our cafeteria serves a range of healthy meals, snacks, sandwiches and salads. There is a daily special and prices start from £1.85.  The cafeteria operates using a biometric registration system and therefore no cash is taken in either the cafeteria or the refectory.  Packed lunches can also be brought to school. 

Free school meals

Please apply at if unsure please enquire at Reception.  The Free Meals allowance of £2.40 is added to the student’s account every day and cleared each evening.

Online payments for meals and visits

Parents use a web based payments portal called Tucasi/Sco Pay to pay for meals and visits.  This system is very convenient for parents, you can log into your account 24 hours a day.  For meals there is an auto top up which allows you to pre-set limits to enable your child’s account to be automatically topped up from your bank account. Link from our website: