Transition to Secondary School - Year 6 into Year 7

A new ERA is coming....

Transition to Secondary school can be an exciting but nerve-wracking time for young people, not to mention their families!   We very much look forward to showing you our fantastic school to help you with this very important decision. 

Prospectus – Please click here click here  to view our Prospectus. This will give you an overview of the school, including information which will be of use, regardless of your own child’s individual needs.

School tour with Mr Heard, Senior Assistant Headteacher – filmed during Covid, many of you will be familiar with Mr Heard, a true legend of Fernhill. With nearly 30 years of service to the school, no-one knows it better and Mr Heard’s tour covers every area of the school and adds great detail to what you have read in the prospectus.

Visits to Fernhill…

If you have missed our Open Evening and daytime tours, do get in contact if you would like to see the school.  

At Fernhill, we offer a programme of visits to our school, both for children in Year 6, after they choose their Secondary school, and for Year 5 students whose families are beginning to ponder this difficult decision. We will contact parents via feeder schools about these visits.

These visits aim to expose children to areas of the curriculum in which we at Fernhill have a greater depth of facilities than perhaps the Primary or Junior school can offer. For example, visits from Years 5 and 6 students take place to participate in Ceramics and 3D Design, Cookery, Music and Drama, not to mention a wide array of sports activities. These visits allow children to get over the initial fear of stepping into 'big school' and allow them to experience what we have to offer as they make their choice of school. In addition, these are valuable opportunities for our excellent staff to get to know your child and for our own students to build their confidence and communication skills as they assist with these days.

We visit all of our feeder schools personally to meet the students themselves – all part of our very personalised and warm approach.

We hope very much that you make Fernhill your school of choice for next year and I look very much forward to meeting you.


Sarah Palmer



Parents must apply to Hampshire County Council for a Year 7 place by 31st October.  Parents receive notification of secondary place allocations from HCC on 1st March.  Late applicants will not be processed by HCC until 9th March. Your feeder school will let you know about this process.