Success Gallery


The Music Department is super keen to celebrate the amazing work and brilliant efforts of our students.  

In this area, we showcase some of the best work done by students from all year groups.  This includes pictures and write-ups to showcase the superb performances and compositions we so regularly witness, sound files and also evidence of some of the beautiful homework that students hand in.

We also invite students to send us work which they are particularly proud of – a piece that you sing or play particularly well, a set of lyrics that you are proud of (even if you need help turning them into a song), a certificate from a music exam you have just done, feedback from an instrumental lesson or a competition.  This can be in the form of videos, sound-files and photographs.  There is some amazing talent at Fernhill but lots of you are very shy so ... don’t be afraid, we want to celebrate your talent. 

And parents and staff – if any of you play an instrument or sing we would love to know as well!  Again, don’t be shy, please get in touch.