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Physical Education is one of the most important lessons at secondary school.  It is not just for those that already have a passion for physical activity, but for everyone.  Physical activity allows us all to release a bit of energy and make us feel refreshed and recuperated.

Throughout Years 7 to 9, we look to provide a varied curriculum for all, giving students the opportunity to experience a range of different sporting activities.  Ranging from core skills, orienteering, problem solving, basketball, dance, health related fitness, athletics, rounders, and trampolining.

During each year, students will study 6 different activities each term. They will be taught a range of different tactics and strategies for outwitting their opponents, both team and individual sports.  Developing and refining their technique to improve their overall performance.  Perform dances, to explore their creative side.  Take part in outdoor and adventurous activities to build and develop their team work, communication and problem solving capabilities. 

Across the years at Key Stage 3, the students will experience a number of different activities.  In the early years they will be looking at specific techniques of various key skills.  As well as the basic rules of games/sports, to allow the students to compete fairly against each other.

As they progress through, the students will be taught various tactics and strategies that can be used across a number of different sports, to help outwit and gain an advantage over their opposition.
















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Core PE Year 10 and Year 11

At KS4 students are taught 2 hours of Physical Education a fortnight, in the view to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills established in Key Stage 3 Physical Education.  As well as focusing towards enjoyment and improving fitness, with the view to enabling continued participation after leaving school.  KS4 students are given ‘options’ to choose from, giving the students independence for their own learning.  The main aim during core PE lessons during Year 10 and 11 are to keep the students active and enthused to participate in physical activity, to keep an active interest in their own health and well-being.

We have great facilities at Fernhill, a large Sports Hall, Gymnasium, Tennis / Netball Courts, large playing fields and a Fitness Room.


For those wishing to opt for a qualification in PE, we offer GCSE PE (AQA).  Students will receive 6 lessons a fortnight for this course (in addition to core PE).  These are split into theory and practical lessons.

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